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PLGRM – World Record Store Day…

The boys from PLGRM got at me on WRSD down at Wax Museum to say a couple words on the event. Check the nice vid they constructed with some great comments on the topic and what it means to many from all corners of the music spectrum.

Peace to the PLGRM team!


Stand Up Melbourne!!!

stand up melbourne poster
Stand Up 14 is on its way to Melbourne at last, July 19 at the Corner Hotel! Finally I have the opportunity to unleash the live version of FTTOHNL to the home crowd, cant wait! Alongside some of the greatest rap acts to come out the country, this is set to be a live one! Cop earlybird tickets now and save!!!

World Record Store Day…

wax museum

WRSD is steadily becoming one of the great days out on the calender as its awareness elevates. Melbourne has some great spots to swing past on the day to join in the dope vibes. I have the priveledge of spinning a couple records between 4-5 in the arv at one of the city’s freshest locales to celebrate the occasion. Be sure to check in to Wax Museum Records at some stage to check the festivities that run from about Midday to 8:30 in the eve this Saturday the 19th April…

45 King Thing…

Ive been peepin the 45 Kings vids for a bit and was stoked to see this newy crop up. It features two of my faves out the 90’s era, real deal emcees that both had a hand in inspiring me and my style. Caught em both in 2010 at the RSC anniversary and this proves they still got it today. Lak sounds hungrier than ever! More music please Flavor U!!!!

While Im at it, heres another for ya mother, cant believe i never caught this back when it upped! Dont be mislead by the first minute, camouflaged behind that segment is Lak spittin some incredible end to end live fire whilst the king breakbeats on the portables!

DJ Revolution…

Rev Laundry show

A little late for those checkin this spot for my upcoming appearances and for that apologies, but i did have the great priveledge of warming up the crowd for Rev a couple weeks back. Just wanna say if you have the opportunity to check this dudes live routine, PLEASE DO! I knew he was one of the first to pilot and endorse serato back when, but the levels hes takin it too is on some next, next, next shit! Im still fuckin with wax on my outings spinning but seeing him in action was inspiring to almost make me consider purchasing that shit. 2 Hours without pausing for a couple bars of a track, Rev stayed busy the entire two hours and put on an incredible show. When many play a DJ set they mix and blend tracks with a few cuts and juggles and its dope but this took the job description to levels far, far beyond. It was more of a DJ/Production set with too many memorable moments to even comprehend let alone explain. Just do yourself a favour and check the brother next time the opportunity arises. 1 to 10000 capacity crowd Rev knows how to rock the party…


Stand Up 14

If you been sleepin on this coming Saturdays Stand Up event in Brizzy, time to rise from that slumber! I have the pleasure of taking to the stage alongside a great list of acts representin’ the real! Please check the flier for further deets including full line up run down as well as ticket purchase info and be sure to cop yours and make the migration to Brisbane for Saturday the 15th Feb, shits gon be live!!!!

RHC 2013

photo (4)

I have the incredible honor of taking to the footy field this Sunday 6th October alongside my Eastside Kings to do battle against the Warriors from the West. The match is in memory of the late great Robert Hunter and is made up of MC’s, DJ’s, producers and Graff writers from across Australia to commemorate the life of the great man Hunter and his love for both the Hip Hop Culture and Australian Rules Football. Its also a great avenue to raise a good chunk of coin for our nominated charity, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, as well as create a good spectacle on the day as we go head to head. Dont miss the event if your in Melbourne this Sunday, be sure to hit Vic Park to join in the festivities with free entry, BYO alcs and entertainment all day. Please spare a donation to one of the can rattlers on the day or even better pledge a donation right here-
As a unified front we have already smashed last years total raised for Make A Wish and hope to keep the $28 grand plus tally growing. Im throwing in a bonus tagged up FTTOHNL 2 x LP for the highest bidder to my page in the link above.
Hope to see you there and keep the cup here!