DJ Revolution…

Rev Laundry show

A little late for those checkin this spot for my upcoming appearances and for that apologies, but i did have the great priveledge of warming up the crowd for Rev a couple weeks back. Just wanna say if you have the opportunity to check this dudes live routine, PLEASE DO! I knew he was one of the first to pilot and endorse serato back when, but the levels hes takin it too is on some next, next, next shit! Im still fuckin with wax on my outings spinning but seeing him in action was inspiring to almost make me consider purchasing that shit. 2 Hours without pausing for a couple bars of a track, Rev stayed busy the entire two hours and put on an incredible show. When many play a DJ set they mix and blend tracks with a few cuts and juggles and its dope but this took the job description to levels far, far beyond. It was more of a DJ/Production set with too many memorable moments to even comprehend let alone explain. Just do yourself a favour and check the brother next time the opportunity arises. 1 to 10000 capacity crowd Rev knows how to rock the party…


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