Re-Up Wash-Up…

Thanks to all for the overwhelming amount of interest in the Re-Up. Email requests are still being sorted and confirmed. Many have already received confirmation, but as Im sure you can appreciate due to the stack of emails and way we set about to evenly distribute the qty available the process is still in motion. its fair to say the Limited amount has been spoken for even though all successful orders havent been replied to yet, so please hold tight for confirmation if you have placed a request.

International requests are still having postage costs assessed so please be patient while we sort to find the cheapest O/S shipping option for you. Also please note if your are not in Australia and have made payment based on Australian mail costs you will be required to pay the additional postage required to get your parcel to your neck of the woods. You will be emailed the additional costs in the coming days.

Again, thank you to all for your expressed interest, please be patient if you have had minimal or no reply just yet, the process is not the greatest for fast and efficient sales but one we thought best and fairest to give all those the best opportunity to get a piece of the pie.




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