FTTOHNL Re-Up Purchase Information.


Due to the ongoing unprecedented demand for the vinyl version of FTTOHNL and the out of control prices its gone for on the grip n flip market since its initial drop date, we have re-released a secondary small run to cater to those die-hards that missed the jump and, justifiably, aren’t down to fork out an arm and a leg on ebay or discogs. This re-up was born from the endless amount of devastated calls, emails and messages received in the wake of the first drops overnight sellout and unrealistic pricing the grip and flippers have since capitalized on. It will be the last press ever and remaining opportunity to grab the 2xLP direct from the source at an affordable, reasonable cost.

I’ve personally reached out to many who contacted me direct with their devastation at missing the first opportunity, with an offer to buy in to the limited edition repress. The re-release was set to drop by January this year but a crazy array of obstacles presented themselves one after the other delaying the release, unbelievably, 8 odd months. At last it’s here and hopefully most of you who are still scouring the planet for a loose affordable one for the collection will be able to tick that box at last.

It must be noted that the re-issue differs from the OG. Instead of the gatefold cover the 2xLP comes in a plain black cover with die cut hole and cover art sticker.  The vinyl itself has exactly the same labels and is pressed from the same plates. It will be available for the original versions RRP of $50 plus postage and a limited 150 odd will hit the market with limits of one per person only. The re-up is here to cater to the legitimate collectors and fans who missed out on the first run foremost. Please respect this if you have snared an OG and particularly if you have no interest in this other than to grip and flip it. Unkut Recordings reserves the right to refuse sale if it’s deemed that this is your sole purpose.

To save confusion, limit breaches and internet upheaval, the safest and fairest way we sort to conduct these sales is direct through our email. So from 12pm TODAY Saturday the 7th September we will take orders via email direct. If you wish to purchase one, please get at us direct at unkutrecordings@gmail.com to grab your copy. Please specify your preferred payment plan “Paypal” or “Direct Debit” in the email. All email requests / orders received from the starting time of 12pm (AEST) only, will be assessed and processed at our discretion til the available quantity is exhausted. Once they are gone they are gone. You will be notified via email reply of order confirmation along with details to make payment depending which option you choose. Orders will ship week commencing 9/9/13.

Cheers and good luck



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