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Top Billin’ Radio Farewell…


Unfortunately this week marks the end of an era with one of our favorite independent radio shows having the plug pulled on it by the station. In what seems to be an overhaul of station programming by the powers that be at RRR, the cancellation of one of our favorite and longest running indy shows is an obvious oversight and incredible error in judgment by those at the helm of the station.
It must be said that at the news of hearing the cancellation of the weekly show my first re-action was not only boycott the station, but also to can a pre-planned joint hosting of the show on the scheduled final date by my self and Heata, not only because it eventuated to be Top Billins last hurrah, but also as a why give a fuck about a station who don’t give a fuck about Top Billin. As it turned out, Rosco and Rawls didn’t wish to send off the show with any form of massive celebration and asked us to please keep our prior commitment in joining them on the 28th March and continue the theme night Heata and myself commenced with the tribute to 808’s episode. We had previously discussed the varying themes and this week’s was initially to be a posse cut tribute, but due to the nature of the shows last appearance weve decided to keep our booking and switch the theme.
Itll be an honour to join the boys on their last night and send off the show with a theme tribute to the acts that went “Missing in Action” right in their prime. We’ll be spinnin and speaking on albums, 12’s, tracks, guest spots from artists that seemed to have all before them only to disappear without a trace (more or less). This won’t be a tribute to those who suffered untimely deaths as Im sure you’d imagine to be the obvious, but more those who shone for a minute, got us amped, then seemingly (for whatever reason) went without a trace. Not too dissimilar to Rosco and Rawls own situation.
Tune in Friday night as we farewell the show and thank the Top Billin crew for entertaining us Friday nights for many years…


Kings Konekted – The Campaign

Konekted cover ep

This is merely the beginning. Dont say you havent been warned…


Heads up to anyone sleepin, if your new to the homie Rob’s sit or havent been back for a minute, best get your browser locked to UNKUTDOTCOM the brothers gone bonkers in recent months and is upping doses of dopeness daily! Recent interviews with Uptown, Craig G, Black Rob, Grimm, Shan and G-Rap along with a host of others as well as exclusives and other random info makes this a definate staple in any real rap fans internet intake.

Stretch & Bob – Memory Lane

Last week many rap nerds and fans who lived thru the early nineties golden era of rap tuned in or streamed the return of Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia to the airwaves. A reunion show that gave new schoolers a taste of what they cooked up on air back then and a trip down memory lane for the older heads. The following day the dynamic duo fronted a crowd to discuss the era with Sacha Jenkins. Slightly nerdy, no doubt but I got a buzz off hearing them speak of the time widely considered as the golden era, check it out if you have an hour spare!