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The Dojo – Take 2

With the success of our last outing Myself and Heata are re-uniting with the same batch of wax aficionado’s that blessed the decks last time we hit the Dojo. Get on down to the Order of Melbourne this Saturday 3rd Nov. for end to end realness. 9PM-3AM!
(This is a no serato production…)


Wax Wrap Up…

A couple Fridays back saw the blink and youll miss it FTTOHNL wax drop nation wide. The blitz saw line ups outside indy spots across Australia and within minutes most stores were left empty handed. Wax Museum in Melbourne brought it home with the final known available copies hitting the shelves at 6pm sharp and heads were lining up from lunchtime to cop the limited edition rareness. I dropped past to sign up some wax and tapes and have a beer with the punters. Thanks to all who came by to say waddup, and to all those collectors, real fans and fam who managed to actually score a gatefold, congrats and thankyou!
Check the WAX MUSEUM BLOG¬†for all the fliks from the night…