…Get Set…

At long last the double vinyl gatefold of FTTOHNL will find itself on store shelves tomorrow. With online pre-orders disappearing in under 2 minutes, please be sure to hit up your nearest stockist quick sticks to snap up a copy. Remember there’s only a small quantity and high demand, limits will apply.

Below is a run down of those selected stores with handfuls of the LP, some will also have a small amount of cassette tapes available too, so if you missed the pre, this is your 2nd and last chance to score one for the Boomy…

Wax Museum (Melb)
Obese (Melb)
This Is It (Melb)
Northside Records (Melb)
Clinic 116 (ADL)
Wax Department (ADL)
Cold Krush (ADL)
Rocking Horse records (QLD)
567 (Syd)
Landspeed (Canb)

Each store has their own individual approach to the release, some took names and pre-holds, others are nominating to throw them on the shelf. I know unfortunately some heads will miss an opportunity to grab one, but thats the nature of limited pressings. 

I’ll be stopping through Wax Museum Records at 6PM tomorrow night (which is the time they are putting their allocation of wax out to purchase), so if you manage to score a copy from there or any other outlets including online, drop past with it and Ill gladly slap a sig on there, if you actually wanna crack it out the plastic!

Thanks as always for the support you have shown myself & the release.



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