Feeding Frenzy…

So apparently FTTOHNL managed to break the internets again last night, (think thats the third time something related to this release has caused programs / sites to crash!) and once re-connectivity was established soul claps pre-orders were completely sold within 1 and a half minutes! Madness! Well done to all who managed to snare a piece and to those who unfortunately missed out, hopefully you get a slice of the action from one of the outlets limited supplies!
I am told a couple have already pre-sold their allocations, so things are getting tight, but at the same time other stores are choosing to wait and throw them on shelf come release date, so please be aware there are some options out there!
Again to those who desperately attempted to grab theirs via pre-order but lucked out, please respect the fact this release was super limited in numbers and Soul Clap put a restriction of maximum 2 per order. Im told their site maxed out prior to the orders even going live, and kick off started a little later once they managed to restore that shit. It seems the most patient punters must’ve come away with the goods.
Thankyou all again for your unending support, bring on the 21st!


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