Omega Man (Tommy Ill Remix)

Im not a massive fan of remixing joints that already have a beat thats unfuckwithable, it happens time and time again and I see it more often than not as a pointless exercise as generally the remix-er never truly hits the mark in offering a different flavor to the OG but still complement the vocals…
Dont get me wrong, some vox could do with remixes, and thats when i mostly appreciate them, but by and large if it aint broke why fix it?
Anyway, I consider Prowlas OG backing to my Omega Man “Unfuckwithable” and any real need for a remix is null and void, kinda weird I guess considering the acca was made available on the Omega Man single when it dropped, but it was more a bonus offering than a cry out for someone to hand me a remix. Regardless, remixes were made at the time ranging from good to poor, a couple of standouts shone no doubt and I hadnt heard much more on it til my man Tommy Illfigga hit me off with this one today.
Without going back into the others, I think this ones the illest thus far…
Big ups Tommy Ill. Enjoy.


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