Clouded Thoughts…

It would be near on 20 years since I last considered myself a writer, not due to a lack of love for aerosol art but merely since music became the bigger picture in my Hip Hop life and it seemed totally disrespectful to those who were real deal, day and night, 110% dedicated to the artform. I constantly kept one eye on it, dabbling here n there, but generally left it to the pros. I was also very priveledged to continue a front row seat, viewing some of the baddest burners hit Melbournes tracksides, walls and steel courtesy of my team “Run For Kover” as they went all city well into the 90’s after Id retired the paint for mics.
Some years later I was lucky enough to get invited to join my comrade Prowlz and the Rock Da City crew for a casual session once in a while and quickly rediscovered that incredible feeling of piecing again.
Ive since been out here and there attempting to hold up my part of a wall alongside some greats and was super suprised to hear that 20 odd years since a piece of mine appeared in a publication, the one below showed up in full alongside the RDC and Linz wall we did a year or 2 ago in Clouded Thoughts Magazine.
Cop Clouded Thoughts #11 not only for the full join up with Prowla and Linz but for the incredible special on the Rock Da City / Royal Deviates Crew. 


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