Juice Crew Law…

Just caught this vid by Shan in response to the Ace vid from a few years back breakin down the science on the symphony. The stories of Shan flagging a spot on the classic has forever been shrouded in the talk that was confirmed by the Master on the true stories vid. Interesting to see all versions of events. I know Shans always copped flack since the Bridge and BX wars and more so (and rightfully so!) from anything he pretty much released after Born To Be Wild. I guess I’ll always have an interest in his antics regardless of his falling off and personal issues that are well documented as “Down By Law” was, if not the very first piece of rap vinyl i copped, definately amongst the first purchases to kick off the habit in 87 (Thanks to my cousin Jeff who was always ravin on about MC Shan!). Prior to that I had only a small bunch of OG tapes incl. the obvious Raising Hell & Licensed to Ill etc and a stack of Radio dubs.
One of the bits I find most fascinating about this vid is the additional dig that Marley WASN’T responsible for the production on those classic Cold Chillin releases and was merely the engineer or button presser if you will.
For what its worth, I can appreciate the fact that MC’s and artists the world over since day dot have dug for samples or pulled out shit they wanna flip in a song (god knows I did it myself on my early work) but dont have the equipment or no-how to construct it hence relying on a producer to flip their ideas into gold. The title of a “Producer” is more than digging and in my opinion, also far more than just beat making. The fact Marley made them joints what they are whether or not he pulled the Honey Drippers record for the Bridge or Albert King on Young Gifted & Black to me is a little irrelevant. The point is he produced the songs as a whole and made them the classics they are!
Peace to Shan & Marley, The Bridge will always be the joint!


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