Animal Kingdom Clip Scores Silver In Rage Top 50!!!

So, as it turned out, incredibly, our Animal Kingdom clip ended up coming in at No.2 on Rages Top 50 Videos for 2011 as voted by the people and screening Christmas Eve. Ive gotta say Im extremely appreciative and thankful to those that voted, but honestly surprised at the outcome, not because it wasnt worthy (personally reckon it was No.1!) but because the program it featured on is host on a network whos Radio equivilent is rife with corruption and manipulation that rarely allows real, independant, straight up and down Hip Hop the light of day regardless of what the people really want. Great to see a peoples choice award actually live up to its name and thanks to Rage ABC for the multiple screenings and giving AK plus Omega Man the opportunity to be be voted.
The fact that a real rap track with an incredible visual element was voted as the 2nd best clip all year on Rage of all genres of Music is fairly astonishing when you think about it. The song itself along with the LP has had no love from the shows sister Radio station (spot plays & interview courtesy Hau the exception) and minimal hype in any other major forms of national broadcasting. Again thanks to all of you who took the time to connect and vote, that shit gets taken for granted but I thank you all sincerely for taking the time and following thru with the vote, and again to my incredible visual team. Cant wait to do it all again!


3 responses to “Animal Kingdom Clip Scores Silver In Rage Top 50!!!

  • Corse

    That particular radio station hasn’t been worth a pinch of shit for a long long time. Can’t quite get my head around the music scene nowadays, guess I’m just getting a bit long in the tooth. But it puts a massive smile on my face to see blokes like yourself sticking to the formula. Congratulations on a killer album and two shit hot videos (shoulda been 1 and 2 I reckon!)


  • Dee

    Congratulations Trem. Man, after reading the first post concerning AK, I actually voted for the clip and to find out it came 2nd is awsome, although it should have taken out the first spot I reckon.

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