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Super stoked to receive a little more shine over at 12ozprophet this week, check it HERE if you havent witnessed the fitness yet…
Cheers again to all who made it happen, much luv…


Omega Man @ 12 Oz Prophet!

Was pretty stoked to hear the news this morn that my Omega Man clip had made mention over at one of my favourite sites- 12ozProphet.
The feature highlights the abandoned gasometer carpark we filmed the bulk of the clip in with some nice fliks prior to its demolition and mentions of the video itself with a Vimeo Link.
Good lookin out to Big Bank Hankington for the heads up and Lil for making mention of the clip on the site!

Hit HERE for the linkage to the story.

Clouded Thoughts…

It would be near on 20 years since I last considered myself a writer, not due to a lack of love for aerosol art but merely since music became the bigger picture in my Hip Hop life and it seemed totally disrespectful to those who were real deal, day and night, 110% dedicated to the artform. I constantly kept one eye on it, dabbling here n there, but generally left it to the pros. I was also very priveledged to continue a front row seat, viewing some of the baddest burners hit Melbournes tracksides, walls and steel courtesy of my team “Run For Kover” as they went all city well into the 90’s after Id retired the paint for mics.
Some years later I was lucky enough to get invited to join my comrade Prowlz and the Rock Da City crew for a casual session once in a while and quickly rediscovered that incredible feeling of piecing again.
Ive since been out here and there attempting to hold up my part of a wall alongside some greats and was super suprised to hear that 20 odd years since a piece of mine appeared in a publication, the one below showed up in full alongside the RDC and Linz wall we did a year or 2 ago in Clouded Thoughts Magazine.
Cop Clouded Thoughts #11 not only for the full join up with Prowla and Linz but for the incredible special on the Rock Da City / Royal Deviates Crew. 

Root For The Villain!

“You cant listen to Mobstyle or Pretty Tone Capone on an ipod…”
Never a truer sentence uttered as the above quoted from the J-Zone book I copped just recently. Im sure any indy artist could relate to plenty of the trials and tribulations explored through out the read.
Cop it if you havent yet, shout to J-Zone for the signed copy, tapes and reppin a Trem ‘Amateurs’ sticker on his t-shirt on stage on his first trip downunder, way back when, during his live Melbourne performance!

Juice Crew Law…

Just caught this vid by Shan in response to the Ace vid from a few years back breakin down the science on the symphony. The stories of Shan flagging a spot on the classic has forever been shrouded in the talk that was confirmed by the Master on the true stories vid. Interesting to see all versions of events. I know Shans always copped flack since the Bridge and BX wars and more so (and rightfully so!) from anything he pretty much released after Born To Be Wild. I guess I’ll always have an interest in his antics regardless of his falling off and personal issues that are well documented as “Down By Law” was, if not the very first piece of rap vinyl i copped, definately amongst the first purchases to kick off the habit in 87 (Thanks to my cousin Jeff who was always ravin on about MC Shan!). Prior to that I had only a small bunch of OG tapes incl. the obvious Raising Hell & Licensed to Ill etc and a stack of Radio dubs.
One of the bits I find most fascinating about this vid is the additional dig that Marley WASN’T responsible for the production on those classic Cold Chillin releases and was merely the engineer or button presser if you will.
For what its worth, I can appreciate the fact that MC’s and artists the world over since day dot have dug for samples or pulled out shit they wanna flip in a song (god knows I did it myself on my early work) but dont have the equipment or no-how to construct it hence relying on a producer to flip their ideas into gold. The title of a “Producer” is more than digging and in my opinion, also far more than just beat making. The fact Marley made them joints what they are whether or not he pulled the Honey Drippers record for the Bridge or Albert King on Young Gifted & Black to me is a little irrelevant. The point is he produced the songs as a whole and made them the classics they are!
Peace to Shan & Marley, The Bridge will always be the joint!

NY77 – The Coolest Year In Hell Doco…

Discos29 – NY77 – The Coolest Year In Hell from Veintinueve on Vimeo.

Stumbled on this the other day, ill doco on the rotten at its most rotten!
Shout out to Dan Greenpeace for the heads up!

“Ive Seen My Vinyl Bid Online For…”

“…Twice A Weeks Wage…”
Depending on your place of work, fair to say the combined total of these two dusty numbers covers just about that (My only real skill is Real Rap Music and believe me these totals a more like 6 months wage!!!!
Still amazes me to see these relics fetch such hefty totals on ebay from time to time… Well done to the bidders and Rob from who offed his personal stash I believe, you owe me a beer homie!