Monthly Archives: December 2011

By Popular Demand!

Due to the overwhelming & unprecedented demand, small qty’s of FTTOHNL are now available in JBs Australia wide. Between the widespread requests Ive received personally from punters in areas and regions without access to independant stockists or online purchasing and the continual direct requests from JB’s head office willing to negotiate to stock it on OUR terms, it seemed wrong to sell these fans and friends short of the opportunity to cop there own hard copy when the lines were open.

To clarify a couple of points-
JB’s most definately came to play on our side of the fence.
They are not under cutting our indy stockists. The deal set in place ensures this cant happen, they will retail no lesser than the RRP set in the indys.
Ive personally been contacted time and time again in the past 6 weeks by fans whose only access to purchase music is their local JB with requests I please stock them to allow them to cop their physical.
The independants have supported this release incredibly and are still and always will be my primary stockists, dont sleep on them and if you have the option or opportunity to cop my album from them please do! A full; list of these stockists can be found HERE.

Thanks to all the indys who have and continue to show the release love, and well done to the ones whove managed to capitalise on the last month or two of sales with the release! To those who dont have an indy within shopping vicinity, please hit up your local JBHi Fi now and grab your copy while they last!

Thankyou all for your continued support!