Crushin All City- The Outdoor Instore…

A few weeks ago I was blessed to have the opportunity to continue the listening party celebrations, this time in sunny QLD at the incredible Crush City store in Brizzy.
It was an awesome day with hundreds of heads rolling thru as the afternoon rolled on. Barbecues sizzlin, paint burnin, beer flowin and beats bangin in typical QLD fashion. Thankyou so much to every one of you who came thru and supported the cause, copped some merch or just said waddup and joined in the festivities.  Again it was great to re-aquaint with some old heads i hadnt caught up with in a while and meet some new ones.
Super shout to Big L-Roc, Sofles and Meksi for absolutely murdering it on the visual tip, Dcider & Jakey for keepin the sounds on lock (also to Sheep, Lopsy & Complex for joining em in the cut-a-thon!), Levi, Tuesy, Dyms and Ironlak plus Pete & Chubba for their contributions and King Realsy, Bez and the rest of the Crush City Crew for turnin on an incredible day for the culture we all love…

The day was packed with action shots, but heres a couple courtesy of Dymsy @ Ironlak 

Sofles Meets Trem

Linz – Hand Of Doom

Meksi- Game Set Match…

Host With The Most


Dcider 750…


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