The last two weeks have seen my Animal Kingdom clip appearing in the early hours on ABC’s Rage.
It was awesome to see it on the big screen in the comfort of the living room where you actually get the opportunity to witness it how it should be, youtube etc is all good but theres no comparing it to on the telly uncompressed.
Saturday nights showing was extra dope as it was 1. Screened at a more realistic viewing time of around 1.20 AM and 2. Part of a special hosted by guest presenters Horrorshow (a group from Sydney).
I was super appreciative of them to put the clip in the mix on the night, particularly when you consider the incredible library of archival shit they’d have to chose from, and to my surprise, they even preluded it with a cool mention of not only the track and album but a tiny rundown of L.C and how we inspired them. It may seem fairly trivial and maybe even to some, expected, but its rare to see either peers or artists we apparently inspired along the way given such great opportunities mention our name in such a position.

Sincere thanks and much respect to the boys for the show of support!
If you didnt catch it on Rage, hopefully itll get another run in the next few, check their playlist page weekly or if your up for it, please, feel free to request either Animal Kingdom or Omega Man on their request page HERE



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