Melbourne Release Date Listening Party…

Been a hectic week and I havent even had the chance to really reflect on last Friday (the drop date) and the incredible night that was the listening party / Animal Kingdom screening.
Firstly I just wanna thank Melbourne for turning out to an event that was a little left of centre but had all the makings of a top night and Im not too proud to say, I think delivered on its potential!
Thanks to all you guys, the fans, friends and fam that mad the journey down,  had a beer, said waddup and copped some product.
It was great to get an opportunity to speak to most of you and take the time to actually spend 5 with alot of you throughout the night. Unfortunately live shows etc dont always allow that 1 on 1 chance to have a beer with the friends and fans, It was dope to catch up with a few old heads i aint spotted in a while and get aquainted with a few new ones. Thanks also to Dave and the Laundry Bar posse for accomodating the night and keepin the Longnecks comin.

I think for those that attended and stuck around (still managed to survive the packed crowd!) the highlight was the screening of our new clip for “Animal Kingdom”. That thing looked super tuff on the big screen and it was incredible to hear the comments, shouts n cheers throughout its showing. The crazy applause at the end was an amazing feeling and a deserved way to thank and give props to the amazing people behind it, from my man Beat Butcha on the track to Donny The Show Stealer & the other contributors on screen, to the Mad Genius’ behind the scenes. JD, Heata & Bank did it again, bigger and better than ever and officially cemented the title – The“Game Changers” “UP-STAGERS”. Thanks again boys, from the bottom of my heart & to my brother Strutter for holdin it down on the MC duties and again, everyone that joined us in officially celebrating such a momentous occasion…


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