Brooklyn? Every last pre-orders tagged, bagged n shipped!
All Prees are officially in the mail!
Last 48’s been off the planet. Hopefully you all land your pre-paid goodies tomorrow. For anyone who doesnt, I personally apologise. We did our bestest to ensure you all were catered to in what was an incredible juggling act.
Trying to keep the release date the actual release date, meant a fine line of minimal promos, balancing pre order shipping, depending on where the recipient lives and the hardest 48 hour hustle in existence.
If your orders came in late today, chances are they dont ship til tomorrow, therefore Monday arrival… 
If for some reason your packs a day late, come to one of our listening parties and say whats up, Ill be sure to buy you a beer!!!

Our online shop will continue to ship the CD and what limited T/CD packs we have left so if you havent scored one yet, hit us up.

No sleep tho as the hustle continues. Thanks to everyone who dug deep for a preorder regardless where you forked out your hard earned, I truly appreciate your support.



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