Visual Impact- BOOM From The Cannon!

Todays word from Unkut Recordings HQ-
“The overly long awaited, most anticipated Trem solo is nearly upon us!
Yes, for real, it really is!
Full presser and advertisements to kick off over the coming days so please stay tuned.
The album will be released on CD and Itunes to kick off proceedings with Double Gatefold vinyl to follow on some super limited edish release caper. The vinyl release should come within 4-6 weeks following the CD release so wax heads, hold tight and be sure to grab the CD version in the meantime!
Pre Orders are most likely to go live as of next week. They will be available through this website (hit up the shop section), &…
Each store may have varying pre-order deals.
Indy stores across the land will be our primary stockists. Please hit up your closest if online ordering is not your cup of tea.
O.S heads can purchase pre-orders through but additional costs may incur for postage.
In conjunction with the LPs release we are doing a limited series of merch. The garments are a cross promo – limited artist series & Edition 1 of the 4 part series is to feature the talents of Linz aka L.Roc.
Editions 2-4 will follow along with some other crazy cross promo bizness, so ensure to continually keep your eyes on the prize!
The second single/clip “Animal Kingdom” will go live on the eve of the albums release.
Furthermore listening parties will take place from the release date on. A good chance to come grab your copy direct from Trem. Stay tuned for details on whens and wheres…
Please, stay tuned for the full PR, tracklist, features and more detailed info with updates occuring on the reg, shits about to get serious…”

Heads up… Free up the 1st week of October!


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