A Year On…


Hard to believe its been a year since my maiden voyage to the rap Mecca that is NYC.
The Annual Rock Steady Anniversary is poppin this weekend and I can still vividly remember last years, 365 odd days later like that shit was last weekend. Trekkin from BK to Jersey early morn, and partying the day away into night to the likes of EPMD, Artifacts, Black Sheep, Pace won, Canibus, Lakim Shabazz, Chill Rob G, Evil D, DJ Scratch, Immortal Tech and of course the Big Daddy himself to name a few performing their classics a couple feet in front of me.

Severe withdrawals are in full effect, especially since seeing the flyer for this years event! I noticed Natural Elements are blessin RSC34, funnily enough Ive been blasting one of my favourite joints of theirs on the reg lately in memory of my time in the rotten apple last year. Theirs a bunch of odes that bring on those thoughts, but this ones a mad slept on dedication to the tri-boro. If you aint familiar, or forgot about this one, enjoy!
Oh & if your in NY or NJ this weekend, do yourself a favor and get to a real Hip Hop event thats stuck to the script for 34 years. Props to all those who give their time and Crazy Legs for keepin the Anniversary alive!


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