King – Asiatic – Nobody’s – Equal…

Heres a cool Kane doco that was brought to my attention recently, believed to have screened a short time ago on US telly. The first parts amazing and shows some classic footage and stills of one of the greatest to ever do it in his prime.
I was blessed enough to see the King Asiatic last year at the RSC Anniversary in NJ, something I thought would never ever eventuate, and he completely stole the show amongst the 30 odd artists and performers on the stage that day. We were treated to nothin but classics and I mean the real rap classics from RAW to Wraith Of Kane, from Set It Off to Aint No Half Steppin… And to top it off we were treated to some ill maneuvers from Kane, Scoob n Scrap takin it back with some ill routines even calling out & battling a couple of the Rock Steady Crew members!
As I was reciting every line to Wraith Of Kane with the crowd, a local Jersey homeboy chillin next to us was buggin as much as me and said “Damn man, I coulda never dreamed id see this shit. You know how much this shit woulda cost to see back in the days?” Im like “…no doubt, I coulda never imagined Id see it either, Im from fuckin Australia…”
23 years after trekking to school armed with a walkman and a fresh dub of Long Live The Kane on a trusty TDK I got to see one of my heroes run them classics.


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