Omega Man Promo Comp – Mystery Solved…

All three promo CD’s up for grabs went in a couple days with plenty of heads sifting thru their collections to solve the mystery of the posters. The one pictured above proved particularly hard. Considering it was a rare local (Australian) release from 1989 and the position of it skewed any form of easily identifying it, i was surprised to see it picked correctly so quick. A few others in the contest struggled with it but a couple of guesses after a clue or two and the contest was done & dusted.

The posters were as follows-
Eric B & Rakim – Follow The Leader LP (UNI Records, 1988)

EPMD – Strictly Business LP (Fresh Records, 1988)

O.C – Times Up 12” (Wild Pitch Records, 1994)

Lord Finesse – Return of The Funky Man LP (Giant Records, 1991)

AKA Brothers – Coming out large 12” (Strait Up Records, 1989)

All classics from a long lost planet no doubt, well done to all who guessed correct and thanks all for your valiant attempts!


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