World Record Day- I Only Talk It Coz I Live It Pt.1

After an early morning dig in honor of World Record Store Day, I got to wondering how many artists out there still buy music. I mean it’s all good and well to whinge about the state of music sales and why isn’t their own product moving but do they / you practice what you preach? The now/next gen can only learn from those before them and if we stop setting the example how can we expect them to fork out a hard-buck for a hard-copy? Each one, teach one and all that…

Im by no means a record nerd (term of endearment!) and would never consider myself a hardcore collector to the proportions of the real collectors (floor to ceiling, wall to wall shit!) but ive always been a fan first and continued to put my $$$ where my gob is. As a fan from a generation when an exciting day was had making the mission to multiple stores across the city, beg, borrowing or stealing the loot to fund my haul, looking at the amazing covers and reading track titles on the train trip home wondering what incredible beats and lyrics will unravel as the record spins upon crackin the seal at home while I thoroughly read every liner note, I still want my music in a format I can hold, look at and listen too.

As an artist who’s devoted 20 odd years into my craft and a hell of a lot of blood sweat and tears into my product, Id hope friends and fans of my art can afford me and my music the same respect.

To the now and next gens, its never too late to start your collection, CD’s, wax and even tapes of some of the greatest releases ever made are almost seemingly more readily available than ever before with the offloading of collections and those silly enough to part with their gold. You wonder why us old heads are so jaded when it comes to this music?, please do yourself a favour and cop a classic or two from the 80’s and 90’s, learn where it came from and hopefully youll get the same enjoyment from the music that I / we did when it dropped. Indy stores are flooded with crates of gems and online stores & auction sites etc. make it possible to score just about anything you want if your willing to look and wait.

And to the old heads and or artists who have the audacity to complain they cant sell half the numbers they did 5 years ago while they google a free download of the latest and greatest, have a think about it next time…


2 responses to “World Record Day- I Only Talk It Coz I Live It Pt.1

  • WhyOhBeE

    Half the cats these days don’t know the scene pre-internet.

    Crazy Mike Smooth wax there with the sig on it, keep up the freshness Trem!

  • Draino

    Trem. True indeed, suprising what you can find on cd/vinyl (tapes.. got nothing to play them on!). Looking for some old stuff I missing back in the 80 and 90’s, but most of the classic I got when they dropped, a nice feeling indeed. Look forward to your album, the single was a killer!

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