Monthly Archives: February 2011

LTD Infra Red Unkut Tees!!!

Fresh For 2011 we’ve dropped a killer range of Limited Edition Infra Red Unkut Tees. The perfect accompaniment for a broad range of kicks but designed to go hand in hand with the notorious Infra Red Nikes. If you got a fresh pair still boxed, time to break em out and scoop a tee from the Unkut Online Store HERE!


Brad Strut @ Ill Bill Melbourne Show Only!

My L.C Bredren Brad Strut has landed himself a short but destined to be power packed support set for the Ill Bill Show in Melbourne on March 17 @ The Corner Hotel. Tickets available from

To put it simply Non Phix + L.C = WIN! Get there…

Omega Man Vid + Views = GOLD!

I hadnt been to youtube for a minute to check the status of the Omega Man vid, but it was a cool surprise to skate past it today and notice it clocked over the 35K mark. In hypothetical terms, if the track itself registered a sale for every view, Omega Man wouldve equated to Gold Status in Australia in a smidge over 2 months.

Thanks again to all of you whove supported the track, vid and its release! Im working feverishly to finish the album, stay tuned for an update soon!

2010 Oz Hip Hop Awards…

So The 8th Annual Oz Hip Hop Awards were run the past couple of weeks over at
Omega Man managed to score noms for Track, Clip, Verse and Beat of the year. While I also somehow, but gratefully, managed to snatch a spot in the nominations as Best MC, with just the single release for the year it prolly would’ve been an injustice to take out this one! Big ups to Maundz who had this on smash, with a lyrically incredible albs that dropped as well as killin countless spots from radio to stage.

Anyway, once the votes were lodged and counted, we managed to take honours for the Track, Clip and Verse of the year (with my second from Omega Man). We also reportedly claimed silver in the Beat category.

To release one track in the year and have it claim top prize in the nation is a definite sign there’s still a place out there for real rap to reign. It was also great to see the nominations were by and large legitimate Hip Hop selections and all the winners from what I could gauge were more than worthy.

Congrats to all those that scooped the pools as well as the site for keepin it real on this one, and thanks to those who voted not only for our release but maintaining when it came to distributing Hip Hop Awards to genuine Hip Hop artists & releases. Don’t get it twisted, I aint hatin (this time) on anyones preference for how they roll in the studio or between the sheets, but there’s enough awards to collect out there that cater to “urban pop”, lets leave the Hip Hop awards for Hip Hop music.