Behind The Scenes…


With the Omega Man clip still averaging about 500 views a day 3 weeks in and the amazing reception it continues to receive, its only right to give some additional light & thanks to the team behind the scenes of the video. Along with me and my grand plans for the visuals, I constructed an A-Team of sorts to build my initial vision and bring to the table their own ideas and expertise.
My obvious first port of call was (Who’s?) Joshy Davis, an L.C/Unkut representative, with us since Stage Is Set tour days and responsible for the majority of photography, footage and documentation to do with Unkut Product, from the Murderous Metaphors cover photography to the Sex Fiend and Monopoly clip. We story boarded and built some initial ideas and agreed that to give the track itself all it deserved we needed to call in a couple of extra heavy hitters…

The newly formed Full Clip (Heata & Discourse) collaborative was the perfect injection. Big Heatas individual work had been going strength to strength and (Big Bank) Hank Discourse’ handiwork was fast becoming recognized. Meetings were had and ideas and plans were built on beers, bourbon and tacos (thanks missus Heata!). Locations were scouted (thanks to certain cave clanners!). Rough dates set, more ideas were drafted and shoot dates were pushed and pulled til all were in agreeance.
Shooting commenced, and although the bulk part of the track was shot at main locations over two days and nights, many additional hours of camera work were put in by the team and continued over the course of production.

As the hours ticked during the editing and construction of the clip, the story itself began to be told on screen. The hours invested at this level are beyond calculation as each sitting I could see the team steadily plonking each idea we had into place perfectly til the last couple of edits showcased the beast as one, giving the track itself a whole other level, but equally summing up the message and taking our initial envisioning above and beyond.

All three deserve a medal for this shit and I can’t thank em enough for the time, energy, ideas, skill and patience they went in with…
J.Davis is dope with it,
Full Clip is right on the money,
But as “The Game-Changers”,
They cant be beaten…


2 responses to “Behind The Scenes…

  • lisa

    The clip to this track was so amazing i must be honest and say that i never even really heard the words the first time i peeped it as i was drawn in by the many levels of this clip, i actually had to close my eyes to actually block it out just to listen to the song. and they a hand in a glove, taking us all on a journey deep into yr heart Trem. Sounds lame i know, but its what i personally love…a story told unashamedly from the heart…sometimes thats beautiful and sometimes thats ugly…it doesn’t matter as long as its truthful. yr amongst the few true storytellers. these Guys that did this clip are just pure talent!! ‘birds of a feather’?

    Congrat’s to the 3 Amigo’s
    Trem….more please?

  • atak-one

    Fuck yer boys ………match made in heaven ….. the perfect puzzle pieced together by a pack of true genius………keep it comeing Trem.

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