Me n Grand Pu Say Heres To You…


Firstly I wanna thank you all for the amazing support this single has already received. The mass amounts of direct feedback, kind words and supportive comments we have received in the last 90 odd hours since Omega Man hit has been staggering and not to mention a little overwhelming.
To think a track born out of the sheer frustration of where this game has headed, and the path that most had seemingly gone down being so far from the initial blueprints we all were inspired by could attract so much positive feedback gives me a feeling that maybe all is not lost…
The youtube link has seen more than 15,300 views only 4 and a bit days in, and even managed sit at #1 on youtube for music in Australia on Sat. 18th. The good bad & ugly reviews are all welcome, this shit aint suited to everyone’s taste and that’s OK, I’m a jaded old head, best believe I got my qualms with alotta shit too as most would gauge from the track itself, but the love we have received from all over has been incredible.
The limited Edish CD single n Tee packs have all but gone I believe, there may be 1 or 2 floating about but by and large they’re gone. If you managed to scoop one thanks for the purchase, if you missed out this time stay tuned for more exclusive limited edition packs in the future!
The good news is you can purchase a copy of the track here at Itunes-

I also wanna thank a couple of people, who without, this beast wouldn’t be what it is.
My support fam and all those involved with Unkut including my publicist Danck, Joe Carra @ Crystal Mastering for dealing with my OCD and the team @ Machine for comin thru on an unrealistic timeline with the Tees.

My boys Joshy Davis, Big Heata & Big Bank Hank Discourse for taking the music to some ol other shit, executin them next level visuals to not only accompany the track, but drive the message home in A+++ fashion, and of course last but far from ever least, my brother Prowlz for the crazy beat, the moment I feasted my ears on it, we knew the shit was on.


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