Heres the word on this weeks big release, including a notable adjustment to the idea of splitting the quantity over two drops. Its now all or nothing from Friday the 17th… Get in where ya fit in!

The latest release information on the Omega Man Single is as follows… The release is no longer being released over the two batch spread as mentioned in our last news post. All 250 copies will be unleashed into the public domain starting this Friday/Sat. The overwhelming reception has been amazing with a demand such that we had to rework it to make it happen! Keep in mind this CD Single is hand numbered and the 250 total is it, so peep your local spot or get your orders on online from the number of stores slangin the release including a very small amount available direct from our shop on Thursday 16/12. The first pre-orders advertised on various sites got scooped in an instant so be at the ready!!! Again thanks for the amazing support and watch for the Omega Man Vid droppin Thursday Night!!!



  • jacob

    yeah is these being sold in perth, and whats the site to book one for myself -cheers

    • trem1

      Jacob… Unfortunately not available in Perth stores. Will be available online direct from from tomorrow (Thursday 16th) as well as from Friday 17th I believe… sold there entire batch as pre-orders in 1 night so be sure to keep an eye out as these will move super fast!!!
      Cheers for your support

  • Nick Rayner one

    where can i get a copy!!!!!!!!!

    • trem1

      Online at from tomorrow, the quantity is ridiculously limited so its not expected to last long. is another online option…
      Physical Stores-
      S.A – Clinic 116, Cold Crush
      QLD – Rocking Horse
      Syd – 567
      Mel – Obese, Thisisit
      and Itunes.
      Again i cant stress enough the limited nature of this release and those that upped pre-orders have since sold out…

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