Omega Man Pre-Sales

It seems like panic stations at the minute with the immediate rush of heads scooping up any and all of the Pre-sales that selected shops have been advertising… There is more to go around, not a hell of a lot tho, so stay at the ready!!! Heres the word from the Unkutrecordings website-


Theres been unprecedented demand already for the Omega Man pack! This pack containing the hand numbered single is limited strictly to 250 all told. The first batch of 150 has been allocated to selected stores around the nation. Keep your eyes peeled as most stores we believe are taking pre-sales and some have already pre-sold their first quoter!!! We will be upping a small amount here at, most likely not til the 16th Dec. For those that miss one of the first 150 the second portion will be made available mid January, the second batch is only 100 in total and will complete the 250 limited edition single release… Keep an eye out for updates and thanks for your amazing support…


2 responses to “Omega Man Pre-Sales

  • Ralph

    I can’t find anywhere that’s even taking pre sales. Obese and this is it don’t have nothing.

  • trem1

    Local Melbourne stores may end up with a couple on hand around the 17th Dec. But as stated at the unprecedented nature of this limited release and the quickness those advertised presales got gobbled up I/ we cant guarantee anything apart from whats already been said… Thursday the unkutrecordings shop will have stock (minimal) as will a few other online stores including once the first batch is gone there will be another drop of the remaining 100 spread across the country. At this stage it wont be til after Jan 11 unless something changes that sees the 2nd and final drop out earlier… Keep an eye on the web and an ear to the street!!!

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