Omega Man

OK OK, so we didnt manage to get the album to the masses by late 2010 (big surprise i hear some sayin). I am truly sorry we didnt eventuate in achieving this goal especially considering (after the long wait with minimal updates) an official word from myself and Unkut Recordings that the album would be dropping late this year… Theres a stack of reasons I wont go into but rest assured it is on its way and entering its final stages of completion. The good news is we are dropping the first single off the album late 2010, real late 2010 in-fact. The official Press Release on the product, drop date, packaging etc will be up in the next couple of days, so stay tuned and save a spot in the Chrissy stockings… What I can say at this stage is it’s gonna be available as a super, super, super limited CD single packaged together with a Tee containing the fresh off the press new Trem One logo (as designed by yours truly) and accompanied by a massive clip dropping in conjunction with the release… It’ll be available online direct from us at, selected stores nationwide as well as other good online specialists.
Stay tuned and keep yours ears pricked over the next 2 weeks because stocks will be strictly limited!
Peace and thanks for your patience…


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