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Me n Grand Pu Say Heres To You…


Firstly I wanna thank you all for the amazing support this single has already received. The mass amounts of direct feedback, kind words and supportive comments we have received in the last 90 odd hours since Omega Man hit has been staggering and not to mention a little overwhelming.
To think a track born out of the sheer frustration of where this game has headed, and the path that most had seemingly gone down being so far from the initial blueprints we all were inspired by could attract so much positive feedback gives me a feeling that maybe all is not lost…
The youtube link has seen more than 15,300 views only 4 and a bit days in, and even managed sit at #1 on youtube for music in Australia on Sat. 18th. The good bad & ugly reviews are all welcome, this shit aint suited to everyone’s taste and that’s OK, I’m a jaded old head, best believe I got my qualms with alotta shit too as most would gauge from the track itself, but the love we have received from all over has been incredible.
The limited Edish CD single n Tee packs have all but gone I believe, there may be 1 or 2 floating about but by and large they’re gone. If you managed to scoop one thanks for the purchase, if you missed out this time stay tuned for more exclusive limited edition packs in the future!
The good news is you can purchase a copy of the track here at Itunes-

I also wanna thank a couple of people, who without, this beast wouldn’t be what it is.
My support fam and all those involved with Unkut including my publicist Danck, Joe Carra @ Crystal Mastering for dealing with my OCD and the team @ Machine for comin thru on an unrealistic timeline with the Tees.

My boys Joshy Davis, Big Heata & Big Bank Hank Discourse for taking the music to some ol other shit, executin them next level visuals to not only accompany the track, but drive the message home in A+++ fashion, and of course last but far from ever least, my brother Prowlz for the crazy beat, the moment I feasted my ears on it, we knew the shit was on.




Heres the word on this weeks big release, including a notable adjustment to the idea of splitting the quantity over two drops. Its now all or nothing from Friday the 17th… Get in where ya fit in!

The latest release information on the Omega Man Single is as follows… The release is no longer being released over the two batch spread as mentioned in our last news post. All 250 copies will be unleashed into the public domain starting this Friday/Sat. The overwhelming reception has been amazing with a demand such that we had to rework it to make it happen! Keep in mind this CD Single is hand numbered and the 250 total is it, so peep your local spot or get your orders on online from the number of stores slangin the release including a very small amount available direct from our shop on Thursday 16/12. The first pre-orders advertised on various sites got scooped in an instant so be at the ready!!! Again thanks for the amazing support and watch for the Omega Man Vid droppin Thursday Night!!!

Omega Man Pre-Sales

It seems like panic stations at the minute with the immediate rush of heads scooping up any and all of the Pre-sales that selected shops have been advertising… There is more to go around, not a hell of a lot tho, so stay at the ready!!! Heres the word from the Unkutrecordings website-


Theres been unprecedented demand already for the Omega Man pack! This pack containing the hand numbered single is limited strictly to 250 all told. The first batch of 150 has been allocated to selected stores around the nation. Keep your eyes peeled as most stores we believe are taking pre-sales and some have already pre-sold their first quoter!!! We will be upping a small amount here at, most likely not til the 16th Dec. For those that miss one of the first 150 the second portion will be made available mid January, the second batch is only 100 in total and will complete the 250 limited edition single release… Keep an eye out for updates and thanks for your amazing support…

Omega Man – Press Release


“We from a lost land, where the clock’s hands is stopped, before the rot set in, before they shot Scott La Rock, before the shops stocked rap in a section called urban, and every third person’s thinking they’re word surgeons.”

If one man in Australia embodies the mantra of quality over quantity, it’s Melbourne MC and producer Trem One. His decade-long discography encompasses two sought after white label 12”s, two releases with his crew Lyrical Commission, production, raps and oversight on fellow commissioner Brad Strut’s solo releases and a small handful of carefully selected guest verses and production credits. This austerity, combined with the precision of his astute lyricism and economical production has given mythical status to his long-promised, elusive solo album.

Representing the increasingly rare school of hip hop that never lost focus on the art of tightly woundwordplay and devious multisyllabic rhyme schemes, Trem finally unleashes the first salvo from his debut solo full length For the Term of His Natural Life. With exceptional lyrical craftsmanship on display across two murderous verses, the lead single “Omega Man” finds Trem the last man in a dehumanized, plasticized wasteland, accompanied only by raw, plaintive production from another elder statesman of Melbourne hip hop, Prowla. Recalling a time when the music’s core building blocks were hallmarked by gritty simplicity and unrelenting verbal ballistics, “Omega Man” is vintage Trem. For aficionados of true school hip hop, it’s a welcome entry in an almost flawless catalogue.

Packaged with a high quality AAA Alstyle t-shirt featuring the brand new Trem One logo, the strictly limited CD release with vocal, instrumental and acapella versions of “Omega Man” will be available from and selected stores across Australia from December 17. The tracks will also be available from iTunes.

The video clip for “Omega Man” visualises the song in high definition subterranean cinema. Executed by Full Clip (Heata & Discourse) and Josh Davis, the clip will debut December 16 on YouTube and Vimeo. For the Term of his Natural Life is due early 2011 on Unkut Recordings and will feature production from Trem, Prowla, Beat Butcha and more. /

Omega Man

OK OK, so we didnt manage to get the album to the masses by late 2010 (big surprise i hear some sayin). I am truly sorry we didnt eventuate in achieving this goal especially considering (after the long wait with minimal updates) an official word from myself and Unkut Recordings that the album would be dropping late this year… Theres a stack of reasons I wont go into but rest assured it is on its way and entering its final stages of completion. The good news is we are dropping the first single off the album late 2010, real late 2010 in-fact. The official Press Release on the product, drop date, packaging etc will be up in the next couple of days, so stay tuned and save a spot in the Chrissy stockings… What I can say at this stage is it’s gonna be available as a super, super, super limited CD single packaged together with a Tee containing the fresh off the press new Trem One logo (as designed by yours truly) and accompanied by a massive clip dropping in conjunction with the release… It’ll be available online direct from us at, selected stores nationwide as well as other good online specialists.
Stay tuned and keep yours ears pricked over the next 2 weeks because stocks will be strictly limited!
Peace and thanks for your patience…